Corridor 5 Award Recipients and Brothers at the 68th District Conference

"Friendship is Essential to the Soul"

Nu Tau, Albany, NY Upsilon Tau, Poughkeepsie, NY Xi Lambda Lambda, Pomona, NY Phi Nu, Peekskill, NY Beta Alpha Alpha, White Plains, NY Omicron Iota, New Rochelle, NY Kappa Omicron, Bronx, NY Xi Phi, New York, NY Epsilon, Brooklyn, NY Alpha Upsilon, Brooklyn, NY Zeta Psi, Brooklyn, NY Psi Lambda Lambda, New York, NY Nu Omicron, Queens, NY Iota Xi, Queens, NY Sigma Beta Beta, Westbury, NY Upsilon Mu, SUNY Old Westbury, NY Chi Rho, Wheatley Heights, NY Omicron, New York, NY

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1. NuTau 2. Upsilon Tau 3. Xi Lambda Lambda 4. Phi Nu 5. Beta Alpha Alpha 6. Omicron Iota
7. Kappa Omicron 8. Xi Phi 9. Epsilon 10. Alpha Upsilon 11. Zeta Psi 12. Psi Lambda Lambda
13. Nu Omicron 14. Iota Xi 15. Sigma Beta Beta 16. Upsilon Mu 17. Chi Rho 18. Omicron

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